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Minecraft Escape

Sorry. The game has presently been taken offline. If you are interested in playing the game or testing it out. Please e-mail me and I'll get back to you when it's back up.

I've made a game in minecraft that to study how people explore buildings and how human spatial memory works. If you're interested in playing, please read on and when you're done reading, fill up the form at the bottom of this page. Finish the game extra fast to get on the leaderboard (removed for now).

How people explore buildings during emergency situations is still an area of research. I've been working on making a game that could be used to study this. I made this game in Minecraft. More specifically it's hosted on a Tekkit Classic Server. I wrote a blog post on creating this server about a year back. Since the blog post, I've finally got some funds to host the game online for a year. And here you can sign up to give it a spin.

The game only needs you to move around and click on doors and levers. So don't worry, you don't need to be an expert at Minecraft.

How do you sign up?

Due to budget and time constraints in developing a scalable system (mostly the former), only one player can play at a time. And to get access to the server, you'll have to use the form below.

On signing up a white-listed Tekkit server will be started with just your username on the white list and it'll be on for one hour (or till you finish the game whichever happens earlier). Depending on the experience you have with first person games and Minecraft, the game may take up to 30-45 minutes.

To make sure you finish in time, use the check list in the form before you start playing.

What do you need?

  • A premium (paid) minecraft account. The server doesn't start unless you have one.
  • Tekkit Classic. (Download the Launcher Here). Remember to choose Tekkit Classic from the launcher.


  • Please disable the minimap and waypoints as soon as you start the game. Generally you just need to press the period ('.') key and choose disable from the menu that pops up.
  • Don't use any cheats. You are only allowed to move around, run and jump and interact with doors and levers.
  • If you decide to cancel your game after registering and without playing for whatever reason, please cancel your session using the link that is provided to you upon registration. This only needs to be done if you cancel before joining the server. This is to prevent wastage of valuable server time.

Due to the limitations of my knowledge of Tekkit/ Minecraft and the incredible community of smart people out there that have hacked Minecraft to bits, there are obviously ways to cheat.

What is the actual game?

You have been teleported into a three floor palace to rescue prisoners and then escape. You need to find 11 prisoners around the palace and then follow instructions to get out. Do it as fast as you can to get on the leaderboard. As soon as you are spawned you will see a bunch of boards to help you get started with the game. You get periodic messages from the server. Pay attention to these.

Since you only have an hour of server time on submitting, please launch Tekkit and keep it ready before submitting a request on the form below.

NOTE : Pausing the game DOES NOT pause the timer. Quitting the game cancels your request. To play again, you will have to submit the form here again.

TL; DR. What should I do

  1. Launch Tekkit Classic.
  2. Open multiplayer mode on main menu.
  3. Sign up for a game using the form below. You should get a green success box with an IP address.
  4. Back in Tekkit, choose direct connect and enter this IP address.
  5. In the game, read the signboards in front of you and the messages from the server on your bottom left, disable the minimap and start playing.


If you have any trouble with the game or have any comments/suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me at vaisaghvt{at}


It can take up to a minute for the server to respond to your request. So please don't refresh the page while it's working.