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I'm the co-founder and CTO at At we aim at making hiring fairer. Hiring decisions should always be made on the right data points. The platform enables this, delivering a ten fold increase in productivity and efficiency while ensuring that candidates have a better application experience in the process.

The platform consists of four major unique components- a chat bot that sits on a job application page and takes screening interviews, a wizard that takes details of your job opening and screening criteria and creates a bot for you, a novel semi-automated scoring system that enables your team to quickly and professionally filter the candidates that fit your organization best, and a reporting system that gives you all the information you need at your fingertips when you're doing the in-person interview. Give it a spin by asking for access at or clicking on the "chat with impress" button below.

Before becoming a full time entrepreneur, I worked as a researcher in the field of complex systems after doing a PhD in computer science at Nanyang Technological University. My scientific expertise is broadly in computer science and artificial intelligence and specifically in the fields of agent based simulation, complex systems, modelling and simulation, crowd simulation and traffic simulation.

I was previously a Research Fellow at TUM Create studying transportation systems from a complex systems perspective. I did my PhD under Asst Prof Michael H Lees in the crowd simulation group at the Parallel Distributed Computing Centre at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. Before that I completed my B. Eng. in Computer Engineering in 2010 with a Minor in Economics at NTU itself.

I enjoy coding and do most of programming in Python, Java and C++. I know a fair bit of C, Javascript and some basic Scheme/ LISP from reading SICP (which is a textbook I recommend every computer science student to read). Most of my projects can be seen on my github page.

Besides programming, I love football. We have our own team, IG United, and we play in the ESPZEN amateur league on Saturdays in Singapore.

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